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Finding holes in your newly bought gloves…

Arriving to the rink and realising you left your gloves in the car…

Just being a klutz…

Falling on jumps…

Falling on footwork…

That toepick…

Wearing skates off-ice…


Those snobs who are all show…





I totally love how much you love figure skating (: I love it too, and I'm 16 and been skating for a little over 2 years now. I totally understand you! Sometimes I get really down at the rink cause I'm not as good as the people my age (not even close let's be honest) and a lot of kids younger are better too but I know figure skating is my passion but I just keep going! Whenever I have a bad day at the rink it just ruins my attitude for the day. I'm now working on my double salchows and loops!

Hi there,

   Wow! A little over two years and already onto a double salchows and stuff! I’ve been skating for three years and I haven’t learnt a single axel yet! And I thought I was a quick learner! And I know right, sometimes the intimidation really does get to me, even though I know that these people have been through my level of skating. It’s probably because I wish I started skating earlier. But it can’t be helped. It does, however, give me more motivation than I will ever have in anything else. It’s an amazing feeling!

Happy skating! <3

I have been skating since I was 6 but when I turned 13 I stopped. Stupid decision on my part because I MISS IT SOOO MUCH. I am 15 now and really want to get back into it but am also nervous because I'll be behind or not as good as I was. But its my passion and I miss it horribly.. sorry just venting.


      Don’t be nervous. If skating is your passion don’t let being nervous get in the way of what you want. Don’t let anything like that get in the way at all. If you want something, you go for it. Focus more on the fact that you want to skate again, rather than how you will go. It doesn’t really matter anyway, because you’ll catch up again! :D I don’t know when you sent this, but I hope you start skating again, or already started skating before I even responded to this. Even better!

Happy skating~! <3

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